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Imagine if your business had automated lead generation, lead follow-up (Messenger, SMS, Voice and Email), review capture, social proof, and more....
These Business-Boosting Softwares
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Explore these unique software solutions that were created by business owners to make their life easier - and now also yours!
Automatically become friends with your client & connect with your customer avatar on facebook, While you are asleep! Wake up to an inbox full of messages and inquiries every single day, without lifting a finger.
Normally sells for $47/month
  • Keyword Based: Type in the keyword you want to target (such as "CEO", "roofer", "surgeon", etc.)
  • ​​Custom Settings: Determine wait times, pick up from where you left off, set request limits for each session, edit keywords.
  • Save Time: Works on autopilot. Select the Group where you'll find your best targeted friends, enter your info for the run, and let Friend Connector do it's thing. Go run errands or take a nap and when you return, you'll have new Friends to network with!
  • ​Delete Pending Requests: You can auto cancel the requests you sent earlier, but not yet accepted. You can delete all the pending requests which were not accepted, and can resend them out if you want.
  • Easy to use! I am adding people to my network and as leads even while I am sleeping! Best Chrome extension I've ever used! -Ed Akehurst
genius scheduler
Meet the very FIRST software to let you PRE-SCHEDLUE your FB posts on your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE as well as unlimited amount of Facebook Groups and Biz Pages All at the same time
Normally sells for $37/month
  • Get content ideas: While you're scrolling through Facebook and see posts with huge engagement, offering a lot of value, making perfect offers, you can easily save them into your content idea library so you can model them at a later date.
  • ​​Schedule: Once you are ready to craft your post simple use Genius Scheduler to create, format, and schedule your post. Post Scheduler will automatically post your post on your personal profile, groups you are in, or even on someone else's profile.
  • Save Time: Genius Scheduler helps you stop wasting so much of your time doing things that can be easily automated. While you save all that time you can be doing other things that you love doing, whatever those might be.
  • ​Evaluate your content: Genius Scheduler doesn't just automate your posting for you, it also functions as a content and promotional scheduler. There are certain types of content you should be posting often to really maximize your marketing efforts.
  • ​​Get more leads and sales: ​The keys to getting more leads and sales are simple. Show up. Be consistent, and post the right mixture of post types. There's no reason to complicate this and make it difficult. If you're using Facebook to generate leads and make sales you'll find that Genius Scheduler is an invaluable tool in your arsenal.
  • WOW! This is the tool I have been looking for. Where I can automate my posting to my own personal profile. I can take one hour and schedule my post for the whole month. What a time saver. I also can use this tool to get content ideas, so I will never run out of contest to post. Highly recommend this tool -Robert Palotas
Genius messenger CRM
Genius Messenger CRM provides you everything you need to optimize and organize your Facebook Sales Pipelines.   
Normally sells for $47/month
  • Optimize & Organize: No More Sorting Through Messenger Messages To Find Where A Prospect Is In Your Sales Pipeline.
  • ​​Custom Settings: Create and add custom tags, labels, notes, and auto-reminders to all your messenger contacts.
  • Save Time: No More Typing The Same Thing Over And Over And Over Again. No More Copying And Pasting Links To Leads.
  • ​Follow-up: No More Wondering Who You Have Appointments With, Or When You Are Supposed To Call Someone Back Or Send The A Follow Up Message.
  • I use messenger a lot for networking with my clients and it can be challenging keeping up with notes of conversations and keeping track of  who I have spoken to. Genius CRM is saving me so much time already not to mention being able to change the tags as they move through certain parts of my sales process is huge! -Justin Muir
Genius POSTs
turning your organic posts into lead generation and sales machines on auto-pilot
Normally sells for $27/month
  • Optimize Your Facebook Posts: Get maximum exposure and to turn them into lead generation and sales machines 
  • ​​Automated Response: Respond to comments on your posts automatically, when you set up keywords to determine which comments get what auto-responses
  • ​Follow-Up: Follow up with people who left comment via direct message in messenger & get even more engagement on your posts
  • Time-saving:  A money making software if you plan on doing any organic marketing on Facebook. 
  • ! can now spend your valuable time doing other things!
genius engagement
effortlessly boost your organic facebook reach so that you can get seen more, collect more leads & make more sales
Normally sells for $27/month
  • Reach More People: Reach out to your Facebook friend on automation and get seen more!
  • ​​Collect More Leads: Get more leads to contact you, even when you are asleep!
  • Make More Sales: More leads = more sales!
  • My engagement on Facebook has increased amazingly, so did my sales!
birthday wisher
LEVERAGE your friends birthday to get leads and sales with just a click!!!
Normally sells for $3.99/month
  • What's it for: Birthday Wisher is a chrome extension for Facebook that helps you to send automated wishes to all your friends who has their birthdays. It also allows you to send automated personal messages to everyone on their birthdays. Let's make their special day more special by wishing them or making them a special OFFER!!! use Birthday Wisher today if you want to make your Facebook friends feel SPECIAL and REMEMBERED.
  • Save Time: If you are using Facebook to network or for business you probably have multiple friend's birthdays daily. You can now save so much time by posting automated and personalized birthday post to their timeline as well as direct messages to wish them a happy birthday.
  • Such an Amazing software!!!!! Not only was I able to connect with old connections that I've lost contact with, but now I actually have a legitimate reason to contact them, and re-start the conversation once again! Just from wishing them a happy birthday, I've already gotten 5 appointments from those I've nearly had to delete them off my list!! Highly recommend this awesome tool!!!! -Kevin Tsai
group ripper
Only Spend Time on Creating Content That Actually Performs And Converts
Normally sells for $47-$297/month
  • Get content ideas: Wasting too much time trying to figure out what to post? No longer! Not only can Group ripper help you come up with just any content ideas it helps you get content ideas based on Facebook posts with highest engagement, most hand raises, basically the best performing content out there for you to recreate, personalize and make your own.
  • ​​Evaluate your content: Group Ripper doesn't just let you scan and rank posts in other groups, it also functions as a tracking tool on how good your own content is performing in your own group. See immediately what type of content and topics your audience responds to best, so that you can deliver exactly the content your audience wants to see from you to really maximize your marketing efforts.
  • ​Save Time & increase leads and sales: Manual research and testing different strategies and types of content in various groups to find out what works best can cost you days or even weeks. Now you will be able to see immediately and exactly what type of posts & topics perform best in each specific group so that you can post content that brings you the most leads and sales. While you save all that time you can be doing other things that you love doing, whatever those might be.
  • Very well functionality, easy to manage & user friendly
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  • Genius Connector Pro: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $47/month
  • ​Genius Scheduler: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $37/month
  • Genius Messenger CRM: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $47/month
  • ​​Genius Posts: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $27/month
  • ​Genius Engagement (Added soon): You're getting one account we usually sell for $27/month
  • ​Genius Birthday Wisher: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $3.99/month
  • ​Group Ripper: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $7.99/month
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  • Genius Connector Pro: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $47/month
  • ​​​Genius Scheduler: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $37/month
  • ​Genius Messenger CRM: You're getting the unlimited account we sell for $47/month
  • ​Genius Birthday Wisher: You're getting the unlimited account we usually sell for $3.99/month
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